Twittercoaches - your personal coaching in 140 characters

How would you like it, if you had 2 personal coaches, who send you a short coaching message - every day. Messages, that motivate, that inspiere and that challenge you! So you get a step forward in your life ervery day.


Coaching messages – how does that work?

Just 140 characters. As a direct message in your twitter account. A “Coaching Tweet”.

If you’re already on Twitter, then you can click here and follow your personal @tweetcoaches. You’ll receive a direct message with your personal coaching tweet every day. Directly into your Twitter account.

How does that work in detail?

1. You need a Twitter account. Simply go to Twitter and register your free account.
2. Then you go to: @tweetcoaches and click on the “Follow” Button right under our picture.
3. That’s it! :-) You get your personal coaching message every day.


One coaching message a day – a “coaching tweet” - nothing more – and nothing less.

How much does that daily coaching cost?

It’s free! - Your daily Twittercoaches message is absolutely free! ;-)
Of course, if you like our work, feel free to click on the Cappuccino cup below and buy us some coffee via Paypal! ;-)

Jetzt Spenden

What else?

If you want to see, what we are into the rest of the day, you may want to follow our personal twitter accounts to. You find us @changenow and @rescoach Simply hit the “Follow” Button right under our pictures! ;-) Then you’ll find out even more about us! ;-)

Is there something else you can do?

Just push the Twit this! Button and share this site with your friends on twitter!